Baby Bum Shower

Baby Bum Shower



Make it a way of LIFE.


Specifically designed for the Mum on the go to assist with those nasty nappy changes, the BBS can be used to help clean up any messy situation.

The BBS is a small, hand-held device that delivers soap and water whenever it's needed.  It is activated by a simple squeeze of the bottle making it simple and easy to use in the messiest of situations.  It holds enough solution to clean up to 10 wet nappy changes or dirty hands while taking up minimal space.


Sits literally anywhere you need it, for one in the room, lounge, and car!Sits literally anywhere you need it, for one in the room, lounge, and car!


THE WHY:  Unlike traditional spray bottles, the BBS doesn't have a trigger or all of the bulk that goes with it.   The ergonomic design of the BBS uses food-grade silicone to create a pleasant to use, simple to squeeze product, while also looking great in your nursery.   The Patent-Pending mist technology, allows the BBS to be small and compact while still delivering hygiene when needed. The BBS is so small it can easily be stored in your handbag or nappy bag without getting in the way.


The BBS - Yes, it's actually THAT small.The BBS - Yes, it's actually THAT small.


IMPROVING HYGIENE: As registered, practising nurses and mothers,  the BBS founding team have a strong understanding of the importance of hygiene. Upon examining general parental nursery practices, it became apparent that there were many opportunities to do better as:

1. Soap and water were often excluded from the process.

2. Some products used contain potential skin irritants.

3. Some products used were not suitable for sensitive skin.

4. Effectively cleaning hard to reach areas was often difficult.

5. Some products were inadequate in cleaning up the dreaded explosion!

Additionally, the use of wipes alone contribute large amounts of waste to landfill. 


Baby wipes don't offer a complete clean.Baby wipes don't offer a complete clean.


According to one study, “Hand washing reduces diarrhoea episodes by 30%".¹  Poor hygiene both in the cleaning process of changing nappies and long term hand hygiene habits directly contribute to these statistics.


The 5 moments of changing a diaperThe 5 moments of changing a diaper


The BBS is designed to be easily integrated into daily cleaning rituals to make it easy to always be healthy and hygienic when dealing with children. 


Are you sick of using so many wipes?Are you sick of using so many wipes?

IMPROVING YOUR ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT:  Not only is the BBS designed to keep you and your baby clean and healthy, it is also designed to help reduce waste associated with baby care by reducing the number of wipes needed to clean your baby.

130 million babies are born each year, requiring a minimum of 6 nappy changes and 6 wipes a day! Over a year that equates to 2,190 wipes and globally 280+ billion wipes into landfill and our environment, and that's just for this years babies.

 The BBS removes the needs for the use of baby wipes on No. 1's and reduces the amount needed for No. 2's.  It also offers the benefit of washing away  and cleaning any residue.  The BBS will SAVE you money while helping SAVE the environment.


Especially when we are outdoors.Especially when we are outdoors.


CONVENIENCE & VERSATILITY: The BBS not only offers the convenience of health and hygiene while changing nappies, it's the portable device that can be used whenever you need soap and water.

The baby bum shower fits easily in the palm of your hand.  Gentle pressure releases a unique soft spray onto the target, be it your Baby's bottom in your nursery, or your little one's muddy hands in the park , washing away any debris, keeping your baby feeling fresh for longer. 

The silicone bottle nests between your thumb and finger, allowing for full comfort and control as you juggle your tricky situation.