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Small & Mighty Bundle


Product Information

Fussy kids? Try our entire kids range to sneak vital nutrients in every day!

The perfect bundle to get you going and support your kids from every angle! With support for immunity, gut wellbeing, cognitive function, energy and calming, even the fussiest of kids can get the vital nutrients they need every day.

Small in size, yet mighty in magical ingredients, these superheroes make nutrition fun, delicious and easy so you can worry about one less thing!

Bundle includes:

  • Veggie Hero 125g - Nutrient dense meal booster
  • Brekkie Hero 125g - Nutritious brekkie booster
  • Berry Immune 125g - Immune protection
  • Choc Whiz 125g - Brain boosting
  • Captain Calm 125g - Calm & soothe
  • Super Tummy 125g - Gut repair & bowel support