Picnies Outdoor Cups – Mermaid


Product Information

Picnies® Cup Set Mermaid - The stackable silicone outdoor dinnerware cups for the young and young-at-heart

There are ‘they’ll do’ outdoor dining cups, and then there are ‘I’m loving these’ newcomers like our We Might Be Tiny Picnies®.

Designed with the young and not-so-young in mind, this set of 2 silicone outdoor dinnerware cups will transform how you enjoy your refreshing drinks by the pool, during a picnic or in your own backyard.

Our Picnies® Cups are as sturdy as they come and can easily be stacked in your family picnic set or your outdoor kitchen cupboards with minimum fuss.

The easy-grip, textured Picnies® Cup surface works a treat for both kid and grown-up hands for minimal spilled-drink tears with maximum thirst-quenching enjoyment.

And once your picnic, party or pool session is done and dusted, let your dishwasher take care of your Picnies® Cup business so you can sti back and dream up your next outdoor dining adventure.

This Mermaid Picnies® Set loves serving icy-cold drinks by the pool or at the beach.

Prefer to raise your entire outdoor dining experience?

Score our Mermaid Picnies® Plates, Bowls and Cups as part of the limited-edition We Might Be Tiny x Kollab Picnic Set Collaboration