Olive Leaf 2.0 Modern Cloth Nappy

Size: One-Size

Product Information

EcoNaps 2.0 modern cloth nappy is the first plastic neutral reusable nappy. Made from OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified rPET and ultra-absorbent bamboo, our nappies proudly contain no harmful chemicals and are an easy-to-use cloth nappy solution that is gentle on your baby, and the planet.

Featuring 2 internal liners that you can easily snap in and out to mix and match based on the level of absorption required. These liners allow you to manage changes on-the-go more easily as you can simply snap out a soiled liner ( and throw in your wet bag ) and replace with a fresh one. 

Want more absorption for night time? Try our Tri Fold Boosters to add an extra layer if your little one is more of a heavy wetter.