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Size 1: Newborn (0 to 4kg)
Size 2: Newborn (0 to 4kg)

Product Information

Enjoy the benefits of:

  • 12x full sized pack premium plant-based nappies
  • 3x packs of Ecoriginals Wipes in different varieties*
  • 10x single newborn travel nappy singles
  • 1x MALO Creme or Spray*
  • Natural fibres for rash free bottoms
  • Unique Plantcell Technology for ultra-absorbancy

2 x 6 Bags of Nappies of your choice. 

Please note that nappy count can be found at the bottom of this page.

* Wipes variety is to be chosen by Ecoriginals, likely to be a variety pack of 3 types

* MALO Creme or Spray to be added randomly, this is chosen by Ecoriginals and is not eligible for return