Ecoriginals Eco Nappies Infant 4-7kg Plant Based 6 X 28 Pack (168) Bulk Bundle

Meet the world’s most eco-friendly nappies born in Byron Bay Australia! Made from groundbreaking eco innovation and a whole lot of love. Premium plant-based nappies, equally kind on skin and mother nature, with superior absorbance and performance to traditional harmful, plastic alternatives.

Infant is a perfect fit for babies approx. 4-7kg / 3-5 months.

- 90%+ biodegradable, premium quality plant-based nappies
- Non-toxic with no phthalates, fragrances, dioxins, bleach or lotions
- Soft, breathable, natural layers eliminate nappy rash
- Unique Plantcell Technology™ for 40% more absorbency
- 12+ hours leak free, and dry-to-the-touch to reduce irritation
- 100% cotton leg cuffs and 3D leak guard to prevent leakage and side spill
- Home compostable paper packaging printed with food-safe inks
- Made with sustainably sourced wood pulp, pure cotton layers, tissue paper, non-GMO cornstarch
- Derma-test. OEKO-TEX Confidence in Textiles.

Discover the Ecoriginals difference today and set your child up for a greener future!